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WSSS provides advanced real-time defense against cyber attacks.
Do you want to make sure that your business and your customers are safe from potential security breaches? Take action before your website is compromised. It is important to protect your organisation from all Internet threats. We will monitor and protect your website from malware and keep it running smoothly.
We will take care of the security of your company website!
Every update, every change made to your website is connected with a potential security vulnerability.

WSSS meeting the expectations of website owners takes care of professional protection of all elements that make up the proper functioning of the website.
Customer satisfaction is of great importance for WSSS.

We approach each Internet platform individually, doing a security audit. Please remember that the hacker is just waiting for the owner of the website to abandon security and fix security gaps.
Nowadays there are a lot of vulnerabilities in CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Wix and others.



WSSS will take care of all the necessary protection of the website against hacking attacks. We invite all website owners to contact us for audit or website security and wider cooperation.

If you think your website may be vulnerable to hacker attacks, don't hesitate to write to websecurity@wsss.co.uk asking for a vulnerability check on your website. After providing the information, we will contact you to discuss our work in detail.